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Benefits of Odorless Anti-Microbial Paint

benefits of odorless anti-bacterial paints

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3 Must-Know Benefits of Odorless Anti-Microbial Paint

Posted on March 27, 2018

Anti-microbial paint is named as it is because of its formulation that reduces the growth of microbes. Should you be using this type of paint for some of your upcoming paint projects? Para sure, here’s a short read for you to know more.

The Need for Odorless Anti-Microbial Paint

Paint can grow molds. Not only are these fuzzy or slimy clumps unsightly on your surfaces, they also pose a serious threat to you and your family’s health. There’s a thing or two that you can do to work on removing molds, mildew, and bacteria that often comes with both. But the best way would be: to paint these surfaces in order to prevent these mishaps.

Para Sure: Use anti-microbial paint on high moisture, high touch, and high traffic interior areas. These areas would include the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

The Benefits of Anti-Microbial Paint

Safe and Clean Surfaces

Of course this type of paint’s number 1 benefit is what it’s named for. With anti-microbial agents at work, surfaces are kept as safe and clean as possible, while the surrounding are is kept free of contaminants which may trigger diseases.

Did you know that odorless anti-microbial paints are also preferred in hospitals?

Quick and Easy to Clean

No need to use strong cleaning agents and disinfectants on your surfaces painted with anti-microbial paint. Especially if it’s water-based, all you’ll need to wash is a cloth and soap water.

Minimized Coat Staining and Deterioration

Microbes damage and weaken your paint film by encouraging stains, discoloration and material degradation. By keeping your surface clean and free of molds, mildew and bacteria, you are actually extending your paint’s lifespan.

Island Life: Premium Odorless Anti-Microbial Paint

Island Life is Island Premium Paints’ odorless anti-microbial paint. It packs an extra level of protection for the family as it is also formulated to minimize the production of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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