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5 Musts for a Successful Closet Cleaning

Home Decorating Tips

5 Musts for a Successful Closet Cleaning

Posted on April 3, 2017

Cleaning out your closet takes time. What’s even more frustrating is that in less than a week, clutter and junk will appear and shatter your efforts to keeping your storage space in order. And while de-cluttering space in your home may be therapeutic, it may not be so much if you have been cleaning and organizing the same space too often!

Take some time off to rethink how you clean out your closet and work in these musts.

Dedicate Half a Day

There’s no quick and easy way to organize your closet. To avoid weekly closet cleanups, dedicate at least half a day to thoroughly do the chore. And hey, who said it should be boring? Make it a morning or an afternoon to look forward to by arranging a playlist of old favorites to play in the background, or by promising yourself a tasty meal as a reward.

Take All Your Things Out

Space does not magically appear out of nowhere—you have to make it. So, take out the contents of your closet. Make sure to lay your clothes, accessories, and what-have-you on a clean surface.

This should give you a clear view of the space you’re working with, as well as help you decide on what improvements could or should be done. Do you need more dividers? Are there molds that need to be dealt with?

Actually Clean the Closet

An empty closet does not mean it’s clean. Now that your things are out, grab a rag, and wipe down the walls and floor.

Sort Your Items

To make more space in your closet, you’re going to have to sort your items and decide which goes back. Especially if you’re working with limited space, stick to what you need and what you’ve been using regularly. For items which you haven’t used in a while (and won’t be using in the near future), the options are: 1.) tuck into a different, hidden storage space, 2.) donate to someone who might need them, or 3.) try selling the items in a garage sale or online!

Use These Space-saving Hacks

  • Roll your clothes up or stack your shirts upright
  • Consider shoe organizers for jewelry and other trinkets
  • Avoid rummaging through your closet every day and plan your clothes for the incoming week
  • Your laundry bag or hamper belongs outside the closet
  • Unless you have dedicated a space for it, keep your shoes outside, as well
  • Keep those scarves and ties hanging in one place! Tied to a hanger, that is

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