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2018 Home Décor and Design Trends

Posted on December 12, 2017

Looking to welcome the New Year with a bang? Well, get into your comfy homemaking outfit because we’re listing down home décor and design trends that are predicted to dominate 2018!

Welcome Colors into Your Kitchen and your Home

2018 Home Décor and Design Trends | Island Premium Paints

Design experts are looking at 2018 as a year for bright and intense colors. While intense is not the usual vibe to go for with kitchens, adding pops of vibrance definitely adds character with a personal touch. In effect, you get a warmer, home-y effect.

Consider these extra efforts to bringing more life into your kitchen.

Is it Spring Already?


Go wild with adding colors to your interiors but remember to keep them balanced! One smart way to do that is to add actual greens and natural elements. Stylish indoor plants have been in for a while, and it looks like the trend will be lasting through 2018.

No need to go extra! Simple greens such as succulents on stylish planters should work wonders! But if you do want to go the extra mile and work with florals, then this para sure guide should help.

Clash and Contrast of Old and New


Wooden furniture should complement your live greenery and even help with balancing your new interior palette. The good news is that you don’t have to spend so much. Check your garage or storage for old furniture that may be reused or re-purposed, and consider breathing new life with a fresh coat of paint.

Vintage ceiling lights could also come in handy! Trends may change from time to time but a few remain: modern-styled interiors have better texture when combined with bare and old pieces of furniture.

Prints and Patterns are your Friends


As hinted earlier on, 2018 for design will definitely be fierce and bold as it tries to capture the modern-day, fast-paced lifestyle. So playing with prints and patterns on your home’s surfaces are all welcome. Perhaps it’s time to take on the fun challenge of decorative painting and try a few basic decorative painting techniques for your home?

Read more and plan your home improvement projects with para sure tips from Island Paints!

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